Working for Clients' well being

Our practice offers a vast range of treatments and healing methods outside of the conventional medical paradigm. This means we can offer new hope to those who conventional medicine have written off. We cannot, of course, guarantee the results of our treatments (this would be as illegal as immoral). But just by reading some of the testimonials provided by previous Clients should offer some first impressions of what is possible --- and what regularly occurs in our practice.

Listed below is a non-exhaustive list of services we offer our clients. The choice of method(s) is always based on the Client's specific needs, aims and objectives.

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Bring Sifu Andrew to your area

Sifu Andrew offers treatments and courses in other locations in Switzerland as well as in other countries. He has already treated and taught in Austria (Vienna), Holland (Terneuzen and Amsterdam), England (London), Germany (Ulm), Malta just to name a few.

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With Sifu Andrew Barnett

  • QEA quantum energy alignment
    • Energy treatmen
    • Healing at the "quantum" level
    • Energy transmission and projection
    • Distance healing
    • Transformation for life
    • Transformation for healing
    • Activate, stimulate and unblock energy points
    • Cleanse the external and internal energy field (or aura)
    • Realign, balance and optimise physical and energetic structure
    • Enhance energy flow
    • Chi treatment
    • ......
  • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung (Sifu Andrew is a certified master)
    • Simple exercises specifically designed to enhance energy flow, clear relevant energy blockages and improve health, vitality and wellbeing
  • Chi Kung healing

With Yasmin Barnett

  • Therapeutic foot massage
  • Foot reflex zone massage
  • Muscle reflex zone massage
  • Detoxification and blockage relieving procedures
    • Cupping
    • Baunscheid
    • etc.
  • Therapeutic massage techniques
    • Colon massage
    • Cupping massage
    • Classical massage
    • etc.
  • Dietary advice to support healing processes


Courses and classes with Sifu Andrew Barnett

Regular Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung classes

  • Wahnam Tai Chi Chuan classes
  • Special courses against Burnout
  • Weekend courses
  • Private lessons
  • Seminars and courses for private groups
  • Seminars and courses for companies

Events & courses in Switzerland and internationally

For details about the following events or to register your interest in Sifu Andrew coming to a place near you, please Contact us

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